A Decade of Hussein Chalayan...

From Chalayan's interview with Designboom in 2006...

Please describe an evolution in your work, from your first projects to the present day.
My work has become more and more cross disciplinary. the evolution is using other disciplines to express my ideas. I've had the confidence that I've been able to, kind of express a world through other mediums. for example I've been making films in the last 3 to 4 years so that's added a new dimension to my work.

What project has given you the most satisfaction?
I don't think I have a project that's given me the most satisfaction. I've worked on various projects and each one is a different experience. our show in 2000 with the living room that converted was a very powerful experience. my project for venice biennale last year was a strong experience. the one before that called place to passage, which we toured with, was a film. my collections are always challenging and I get a lot out of them. all the projects have a different impact on me. I make a real effort to push myself as far as possible with each one.


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