Mine by Katherine Pont

Let's start to get away from the mainstream and see some different and more personal works. The first one I'd like to show you is the works of indie fashion designer, Katherine Pont. 
I don't want to reword her own description which is posted on her website and online store. There she goes...
"Mine is a collection of whimsical wears created by illustrator turned fashion designer, Katherine Pont. Each collection is composed with a story in mind, which unfolds as the collection takes shape. It is this fairytale sense of creation coupled with Katherine's ornate hand drawn embroidery and prints that are the tell tale signs of the Mine signature style. 
Katherine Pont was born in Sydney and moved to London after graduating from an honours degree in painting and drawing at the College of Fine Arts. She has lived in the UK for nine years, and has been designing her independent label Mine since 2006.
Mine was selected as a finalist for the women's ready-to-wear category of the Gen Art Awards, held in New York in March of last year."


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