10 Summer Dresses Under $50

You really don't have to spend too much to dress up! I compiled the below list to prove that. By the way, each dress is from a different online store so that you have an idea about where to look for. Have a great week!

1. Shoulder peaked striped dress from Forever 21, $13.5 

3. Volcom Careless Dress from Swell, $29.99
4. Peachy Pink, Cut Above Dress from Lulus, $33

6. Graphic Dreamweight Tank Dress from Express, $34.5

7. Le Sac Dress from American Apparel, $38
8.Chambray Corset Dress from Victorias Secret, $39.99

9. Hazelnut Sun Convertible Dress from Roxy, $44.50
10. Pins and Needles Dream On Dress from Urban Outfitters, $48


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