Edie Sedgwick

I was going through my collected items from my Vienna trip earlier this year, and I found my ticket to the Andy Warhol's Cars exhibiton at Albertina. No matter what people say, I am a huge Warhol fan. I have read his autobio two times (two is a big number for someone who can only read a book once no matter how she loves it). Then I remembered Edie Sedgwick who had an exceptionally sharp style for her time. Even though her relationship with Warhol ended up in a bitter way, I have no intention of blaming one or the other. I like them both. I saw the movie Factory Girl also and Sienna Miller was a perfect fit for her role as Edie. To celebrate my chain thinking this morning, here is an open back dress Sienna Miller wore for the movie. The dress which is hmmm a bit sexy, totally reflects Edie's character and style. It is out of her time, attention grabbing and imperfectly beautiful.
Looking for psycological parallelism in dresses is not something I do everyday :)


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