Standard Finery

As I was going through the Standard Finery Lookbook, I couldn't really decide which one I liked more. The effortless photo shooting or the clothes. I definitely fell for the dresses, especially the ones with the black rims. The dresses look so casual but classy at the same time. Standard Finery is the work of designer Caron Callahan and she says the inspiration for this collection came from a quiet beach in Cape Cod. I think we clearly get this :) As to why I liked the photo shooting...I am not sure but maybe because it is so effortless and so personal and it reminds me of one of my favourite songs, the lazy sunbathers. 
One more thing to mention; Standard Finery uses organic materials as much as possible. 
Well, since I only post dresses, you can't see the rest of the collection here which has beautiful bustiers and shorts. Worth having a look, beautiful collection!


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